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House Dressing

The Lanzi Brothers Gourmet Italian House Dressing and Marinade



The Lanzi brothers have bottled a staple of their lakefront dining experience.

Every time a guest enjoys a meal at Lanzi’s on the Lake they are served with a salad and house dressing that the family has been making for more than 60 years.

The gourmet creamy Italian dressing is now available for purchase at every Lanzi location, including: Lanzi’s on the Lake Restaurant and Marina in Mayfield, Lakeside Tavern and Marina in Gloversville, Partner’s Pub and Grill in Johnstown, and Sport Island Pub in Northville.

The dressing is also being tested at 24 Price Chopper locations, but the closest to Fulton County is Market 32 in Wilton.

According to Chris Lanzi, the dressing is a family recipe developed by his father, Lawrence Lanzi. The first batch was made in a small blender in the basement, but as it grew in popularity the family decided to purchase equipment to start bottling it by hand.

“My brother Louie was making it one day and when he was mixing it he added too much of one thing and not enough of the other,” Lanzi said. “When my father tried it he said it was better than the original.”

The demand for the dressing became so great that the family couldn’t keep up with shipping orders, and decided to start having it professionally bottled. That’s when the family decided to try making it available in Price Chopper. If it does well, Lanzi said he’d like to bottle a balsamic version as well.

Lanzi described the flavor of the dressing as smooth, tangy and unique. He said it’s also great as a marinade for steaks, chicken or salmon and is delicious on sandwiches. In addition to being served with salads, the dressing is used as marinade for salmon that is regularly on the menu.

“It’s like nothing you’ve had before,” Lanzi said. “People tell us it has an unbelievable flavor. My favorite is to have it on a sub/grinder.”

The Lanzi Brothers Gourmet Italian House Dressing and Marinade, $4.99 retail, is bottled by Brooks’ Bottling Co. of Oneonta. It is made from the same ingredients used for the dressing served in the restaurants. The ingredients include: canola oil, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, Romano cheese, honey, lemon, onion, balsamic vinegar, garlic, black pepper, and cayenne pepper.

Express Editor